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On this website you'll find a variety of applications which will help you numerically solve mathematical problems. Some you can use indefinitely, others can be tried in their full functionality for 30 days without registering. If you love or need mathematics, feel free to download as many as you wish and try them out.

Our hope is to make a contribution to the enjoyment of mathematics through this website. To this end we are posting here Numerical Solutions, which consists of 8 collections of mathematical programs. Please feel free to download them.

The Mathematical Software section describes the collections of Numerical Solutions and links to each individual collection's page for more detailed descriptions of each program and for downloading the applications.

The Numerical Methods section briefly discusses some of the methods of numerical mathematics used in the programs downloadable from this website.

Numerical Mathematics
is the branch of mathematics that develops, analyzes, and applies methods to compute with finite-precision numbers.

Numerical mathematics
is a vast field whose importance cannot be over-emphasized. The solution of real-life problems quite often can't be achieved without resorting to the methods of numerical mathematics.

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