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Performs several kinds of computations involving complex numbers (In addition to the elementary operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of two complex numbers, it also finds exponentials, logarithms, nth power, nth roots, and polar forms), finds the prime factors of positive integers (This program uses a table of primes), converts numbers from base 10 to any other base in the range 2 BASE 36  and vice versa, solves problems involving circles (It finds two given the other two of: radius, arc, chord, central angle.  It also finds the areas of the sector and the segment), solves triangles, that is, given 3 of its elements, the remaining elements are calculated (The given elements may be the three sides (SSS), two sides and an angle (SSA or SAS), or two angles and a side (ASA or SAA).  The area of the triangle is also calculated).

Download Math Miscellanea Requirements: Windows 98 or later.



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